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GEO Data branding  


Recent years Movement to open data. Key success story of GEO data sharing principles. Voluntary label to improve info on data to facilitate re-use.

As a user, great to know that data are available for use, but does not say much about how they can be used and what users might expect in terms of updating and availability, etc. To facilitate data re-use and enable users to more easily make use of external data sources and manage dependency created, users needs to know more about the data – can they rely on them?


Data providers make data available for often freely for re-use. Maximised re-use creates added societal value from investment in creating and maintaining data. Datasets often regularly updated, and undergo rigorous quality control for which there is little visibility. GEO data branding enables data providers to gain more visibility for the work they put into making data available and at the same time can maximise the potential for appropriate re-use and combination with other data sources.


Users looking for data will increasingly be able to rely on data branded with GEO label as a easily recognizable stamp of quality. Data providers making data available will get increased visibility for their data and the effort they put into making quality data available for others to use. Feedback from the review and use will also enable them to more easily identify shortcomings and target improvements.